Of all of the many many e-bike companies on the market, Charge is one of our favorites. Founded by Nick Larson, the company’s goal has always been to get people on bikes by any means necessary.

To Larson, that means crafting bicycles that are highly accessible—regardless of a rider's age or particular skill level—and also affordable. That’s why, when Charge launched its first direct-to-consumer e-bikes in 2020, it did so with a mindfully minimal lineup: the Charge City for commuting, the Charge Comfort for leisurely weekend rides, and the XC for off-roading. The specialty XC aside, Charge’s casual e-bikes cost no more than $1799 each. For an e-bike that comes fully assembled when shipped, and with preinstalled fenders, lights, and a rear rack, that’s a steal—and one that particularly impressed our test editor, Dan Chabanov, and has topped our best electric bikes list.

So call us ecstatic when Charge unveiled its latest model and the first since the brand’s e-bike launch two years ago: The Charge Comfort 2. A sequel to the original casual Comfort bicycle, the Comfort 2 is an update that promises a better, easier ride for those wanting a nice weekend on the trail or a breezy ride at lunchtime.

On sale as of Monday, July 11, the Comfort 2 features larger volume tires for added stability on bumpy roads, pedal assist and a thumb throttle for an easy boost, and an increased rear rack weigh capacity limit of 55 pounds for carrying your gear, or, the most precious cargo of them all, a kiddo strapped into their removable bike seat.

Charge Bikes Comfort 2 Step-Thru Electric Bike

Comfort 2 Step-Thru Electric Bike

Charge Bikes Comfort 2 Step-Thru Electric Bike

$1,899 at chargebikes.com

The Comfort 2 comes in two new colors—candy red and midnight blue—alongside the bike’s original white offering. In line with other Charge bikes, the Comfort 2 also features easy-folding handlebars and pedals, allowing 90-degree rotation that helps make storing it in a cramped garage or apartment living room a cinch. It has integrated automatic front and rear lights, so you can see and be seen, and its low-step frame can hold a wider range of heights than its predecessor, working comfortably for riders between 4-foot-11 and 6-foot-3. The battery is easily removable and claims to get up to 50 miles on a single charge—though, hey, it’s always a good idea to carry an extra e-bike charger with you, just in case.

Specs heads out there will be happy to know that the bike's Bafang 250W geared rear hub motor is capable of providing five different speeds with assistance up to 20 miles per hour—fast enough for commuting, but slow enough for newbies to get their bearings. The e-bike comes equipped with a set of 27.5 x 2.6-inch Goodyear Transit Tour puncture-resistant tires for all-weather traction and flat protection, while reflective side strips on each increase your bike’s visibility. The tires also have automatic sensors that show air pressure in real time, turning red when pressure is low and green when it’s fine.

Fans of the original Comfort e-bike say it’s so easy to operate that they didn’t even have to open the instruction manual. Grab the Comfort 2 for only $100 more than its predecessor
at $1,899, and, as is the case with all Charge orders over $49, you can enjoy free shipping, too.

New to e-bikes? Check our list of the best electric bikes available right now, and don’t forget to grab an extra charger to enjoy longer rides between charges.

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