We all know that feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes with New Bike Day, whether you’re buying a bike off of Facebook Marketplace, at your local bike shop, or waiting patiently (sort of) for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

Well, now there’s an even better, bougier way to celebrate the day: With an overnight stay in Golden, Colorado, sipping beer, getting your bike fit and taking it on its first ride. At least, that’s the case if your new gravel, road or mountain bike comes from Alchemy Bikes.

The brand recently moved from Denver, Colorado, to Golden, and are celebrating the move with their ‘DARE: Golden Package,’ the immersive new bike experience that, quite frankly, makes you feel like a fancy-pants... In a good way. The new Alchemy facility is located next to the boutique Origins Hotel Red Rocks, and if you can get yourself to Golden to pick up your new build, a free overnight stay is waiting for you. With any new bike purchase (at MSRP—no discounts allowed!), you automatically receive the DARE package, one-night’s stay at the Origin Hotel Red Rocks, complimentary breakfast at Launch Coffee Company and a $20 gift card at Over Yonder Brewing Company.

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Courtesy Alchemy

But it’s not all lounging around: DARE actually stands for Discover Alchemy’s Ride Experience, and you’ll be able to dial in your bike fit in the showroom with professional bike fitters before heading out on the roads, gravel or MTB trails in and around Golden. In fact, some of the best gravel and mountain bike riding starts just outside of the showroom.

“This is truly a dream location for us,” says Alchemy's founder Ryan Cannizzaro. “We’ve been working for years on building our new workshop, and we’ve been able to dial it to suit our needs perfectly. That, along with the great surrounding riding and friendly neighborhood, makes this an absolutely perfect place to visit and ride bikes.”

A bike from Alchemy won't come cheap, unsurprisingly: Their mid-range mountain bike starts at $5,199, while their gravel bikes start at $4,299 and the e-bike comes in at $6,299.

To get the most bang for your buck, you might also be interested in a factory tour, since you’re there: You can catch a glimpse of where some of the work is done, from carbon layup to the titanium welding process. You can demo other bikes (hey, just because you bought a road bike doesn’t mean you don’t also need a new mountain bike!) while you’re there, or just sip espresso or craft beer in the sitting room.

Can’t make it to Golden to celebrate your new bike? That’s okay: Alchemy is still shipping bikes normally as well.