Name: Kimberly Dozier
Suffolk, Virginia
IT Professional
Time Cycling:
2 years
Reason for Cycling:
Cycling was an outlet for during the pandemic. Gyms were closed and cycling arrived in my path at just the right time. Cycling has contributed to a healthier and happier physical, mental, social, and spiritual life.

Being able to be outside with peers during the pandemic attracted me to cycling. As a result, I decided to purchase my first road bike in December 2020. Then, in 2021, I joined the Kings Rule Together/Queens Rule Together (KRT/QRT) cycling family, along with my husband. And today we now lead the KRT/QRT Virginia Chapter that includes more 50 members!

I immediately fell in love with cycling’s freedom and the ability to create physical and mental goals for myself. It became a lifestyle.

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I purchased my bike during the off season, so at first, my group rides were mainly virtual via Zwift during my development as a cyclist. Zwift virtual workouts also contributed to my preparation physically for outside riding.

In July 2021, I was selected to receive the Thee Abundance Mini Grant, created by Ayesha McGowan, which made it possible for me to race as a novice at the Chicago Intelligentsia Cup for seven consecutive days.

In September 2022, I attended my first Gran Fondo (Gran Fondo Maryland). It was 100 miles of riding with 10,000 feet of elevation. Being considered a flatland rider, I went there for the challenge and smashed it with a smile.

I am super proud of my courage showing up in the criterium race and Gran Fondo spaces. Women of color make up a small quantity in these spaces. I am grateful for my courageous spirit to create new spaces, change mindsets, and support other women that are new to cycling.

Cycling has allowed me to challenge myself and engage with some of the strongest and most influential people. To build a passion for something you love and finding out that it impacts others in a positive way brings me joy. Yes, I have my personal goals; however, if I can inspire others along my journey, that motivates me to keep going.

I try to recover off the bike at least two days a week. Outside riding can be limited for me due to colder temperatures and available daylight when I get off from work. If I am not outside, I am Zwifting. I currently lead a virtual ride called “Motivational Mondayz” for our club, encouraging my cycle friends and family to stay active!

I was blessed with crossing paths with cycling. It makes me feel like there is nothing that is impossible when you make it your own. Your journey is your journey. Love what makes you happy and cycling makes me happy. The other benefits along the journey are extra credit.

I am super excited about my journey thus far. My advice is to build a relationship with your bike–enjoy your quality time with your bike, find your joy and connect with a cycle family for support and motivation. Queens Rule Together/Kings Rule Together is my cycle family. “Strength in Numbers” is our motto. Remember: You don’t have to do it alone.

Imagining that I would have an impact within this space never crossed my mind. Going forward, I plan to continue promoting inclusiveness within the cycling community, especially for women of color.

These three tips have made my cycling journey a success:

1. Embrace the cycling community

Ride your bike, and if you are uncomfortable visit bike fitting experts. Engage with other cyclists for advice and support. Join a cycle community that ministers to your cycle heart.

2. Rest and recover

As much as I want to take my bike to the mall as I shop, find a balance. Recovery is just as important as riding.

3. Ride safely

Educate yourself with road cycling laws and bike maintenance. Invest in devices similar to Garmin and bike lights that contribute to your safety.

Kimberly’s Must-Have Gear

Queens Ride Together Sunshine Jersey: The brand is Black-owned, community-driven, and the fit is great. Definitely a must-have. With the range of apparel, you are destined to find something that you like on and off the bike.

Godspeed Socks: I love, love quality socks—comfortable, durable, and stylish. I am Team God so the branding fits me perfectly.

Jojé Bar: These gluten-free bars have gotten me through some of my most challenging rides. Great taste, perfect size to fit in my jersey pocket, and the chef Jess Cerra has a passion to share empowerment in this sport which grabs my heart.

Chamois Butt’r Her’ Anti-Chafe Cream: I take my Butt’r everywhere. The product has a her version for women, which I absolutely love. It adds to my comfort in the saddle. The brand is supportive and active in the cycling community whether you are new to cycling or a pro-athlete. The quality and the love is real.

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Emily Shiffer

Emily Shiffer is a freelance health and wellness writer living in Pennsylvania.