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The Best Mudguards to Keep You (and Your Bike) Clean

Enjoy the ride—and stay grime-free—with these smart accessories.

the best mudguards to keep you and your bike clean
Bicycling; Courtesy SKS

Mudguards—or bike fenders—are handy accessories that keep mud and spray off of you, your riding partners, and important parts of your bike, like the chain and suspension. Mudguards are great for rainy or muddy rides, and can be popped on and off depending on conditions. There are several varieties of mudguards to choose from, with ones intended for different attachment points, different sizing, and different types of rides. There are smaller, lighter models as well as more full-coverage ones, depending on conditions and your preferred style of riding.

Many group rides encourage (or require) mudguards for wet-weather riding, as they prevent spray from hitting other riders in the group. Even if you’re not in group rides, mudguards are a good way to keep water and mud from spraying your riding partner.

Best Mudguards

    What to Consider

    Style of Riding

    Your mudguard choice depends on your style of bike, though the ones we've covered are primarily intended for road riding or touring. Traditional mudguards typically provide maximum wheel coverage—these are the models you want for touring bikes, commuter bikes, and road bikes. Whether or not you want a mudguard on your mountain bike comes down to personal preference. Mudguards for mountain bikes will be shorter and accommodate for suspension and more varied riding terrain than their counterparts intended for other types of bikes.


    Most mudguards are made from either plastic or metal, with some mudguards utilizing both. Most mudguards these days are made out of polycarbonate plastic, which is flexible, yet durable, and typically mounts more easily than metal versions. The struts aren’t as stiff as metal fenders, however, which means they can rub or jostle over bumpy terrain.

    Metal fenders are stiffer than plastic and have less vibration. They tend to last longer, though they can be trickier to install and heavier than plastic.


    There are a few ways to attach mudguards to your bike: clip-on or bolts. A bolt-on mudguard is the most durable and stable option, best for when you plan to leave the mudguard on for longer durations. Bolt-on mudguards are a bit trickier to install, and you need to have the correct setup with fender eyelets.

    Clip-on mudguards are a good alternative if you foresee taking the mudguard on and off, or if you only plan to use them for group rides. These are often lighter than bolt-on mudguards. You can also look for strap-on fenders, which attach with a hook-and-loop or zip-tie style closure to your bike’s seat tube, fork, or seatpost.

    How We Selected

    Though they might not seem like the most thrilling accessory, mudguards/bike fenders come in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as having different installment methods and intended uses. We chose top performers for mountain bikers, road cyclists, and people who want traditional mounting styles versus clip-on ones. These mudguards come at range of price points, so there’s something for everyone, no matter what style of riding you’re doing throughout the rainy season.

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    Best Overall
    Sodapop Fender Set
    Portland Design Works

    • Affordable
    • Lightweight
    • Easy installation and removal

    • Might need additional hardware

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Road, gravel, and commuter bikes
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 31 x 2.5 x 1 inches
    • Colors: Black

    This easy-to-install mudguard set is built almost entirely from recycled beverage bottles. At 2.5 inches wide at the tail, these mudguards are just big enough to keep you dry without feeling clunky, and while they aren’t for super rugged or technical riding, they make a terrific commuter set or rainy-season accessory to keep stashed in your garage.

    This set fits 26-inch, 700c, and 29-inch tires up to 2.25 inches wide. Some might have issues attaching the fenders with the included hardware, but this set provides good quality at a great price, so a quick trip to the hardware store shouldn’t be an issue.

    Best Metal Fenders
    Full Metal Fenders
    Portland Design Works

    • Durable metal construction
    • Sturdy attachments

    • More expensive
    • Heavier

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Road and commuter bikes
    • Material: Anodized aluminum, plastic
    • Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 2.5 inches
    • Colors: Black

    This sleek set of fenders is built with durable anodized aluminum, and they work perfectly with 650b wheels and wider tires. These fenders can be mounted easily to any bike with a fender eyelet, and they utilize fully stainless steel attachment hardware.

    The full coverage includes flexible polypropylene (plastic) mud flaps for added protection against mud and water, and they have double rear stays that don’t rattle or brush against any parts of your bike. This set fits up to 650b x 56mm (27.5 x 2.2–inch) tires, and as a bonus, they have unique laser graphics that set them apart from other fenders. These are heavier than other models, weighing in at 465 grams for the pair.

    Best for Road Bikes
    Raceblade Long Mudguards

    • Fast, secure attachment
    • Full coverage
    • Durable metal construction

    • Can’t be bolt-mounted

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Road bikes
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Dimensions: ‎7.9 x 2 x 2 inches
    • Colors: Silver, black

    The SKS Raceblade mudguards have a quick attachment system that uses secure clips instead of eyelets, making them incredibly versatile, though they cannot be mounted with bolts. The clip design on this set feels more secure than other clip-on fenders, and you can customize these to fit the wheel radius by simply adjusting the length of the stays.

    The clips make these easy to remove for when the roads dry out, and the long mud flaps help protect from the most stubborn road spray.

    Best for Fat Bikes
    Mud Shovel 6.5 Rear Fender
    Portland Design Works

    • Quick install
    • Secure attachment
    • Wide for fat bikes

    • Can feel flimsy

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Fat bikes
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 22.5 x 6.5 x 4 inches
    • Colors: Black, camo

    This wide design is perfect for fat bikes in all sorts of inclement weather and conditions. The 22.5-inch length and 6.5-inch width provides ample protection against sloppy slush, mud, and other non-ideal conditions. This fender has a quick-release bracket that allows for fast installation and removal without sacrificing stability, and the plastic material is strong and flexible while still being lightweight.

    The installation bracket also allows you to adjust the height and location of the fender to best protect you based on bike geometry.

    Best for Gravel Bikes
    Speedrocker Gravel Fender Set

    • Quick installation and removal
    • Flexible materials

    • Some compatibility issues

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Gravel and cyclocross bikes
    • Material: Plastic and glass composite
    • Dimensions: Front length : 19.7- plus 8-inch add-on; rear length: 37 inches
    • Colors: Black

    This set is ideal for gravel, cyclocross, and other burly racing bikes with wider tires. They can fit up to 42mm tires, with some variability in sizing up depending on style of wheel/tire. They’re highly adjustable to fit a wide range of bike builds and are made of a unique plastic and glass particle composite.

    These are quick to attach and remove, and the telescoping stays allow for custom alignment. There are some compatibility issues with certain forks, so be sure to know the size and dimensions of your bike before purchasing.

    Best for Mountain Bike Front Protection
    Marsh Guard Fender

    • Durable
    • Simple protection for front fork

    • Doesn't come with ties

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Mountain bikes
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 10.6 x 9.1 inches
    • Colors: Black + graphic options

    A front fender is a great option for sloppy early-season rides or commutes to the trail on wet roads. This smart piece of gear is often called a “marsh guard” and helps prevent mud from getting in your bike’s front suspension. This is a small (10-inch) guard specifically designed to protect your front fork stanchions, and just takes a few zip-ties to install for easy attaching and removing.

    We wish this came with the zip-ties, but a few hook-and-loop straps or similar ties will do the trick. This is sturdy and with the right attachments, won’t slide or get jostled on bumpy rides.

    Best for Mountain Bikes
    Mudrocker Rear Fender

    • Fits around suspension
    • Excellent coverage and protection
    • Fast, secure mounting

    • Some rubbing after long, bouncing rides

    Key Specs

    • Best For: Mountain bikes
    • Material: Plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 33 inches long
    • Colors: Black

    Mountain bike mudguards are more intended to protect your bike’s suspension and chain than you. After all, if you're riding a mountain bike, you're out there to get dirty. But this smartly designed rear fender protects elements of your bike without getting in the way, and fits bikes with 27.5-inch, 650b, or 29er wheels with tires up to 3 inches wide.

    It comes with a rear extender that can be used as additional protection for the derailleur, and has a fast hook-and-loop attachment style for mounting, with no need for fender eyelets. This is highly adjustable and offers solid protection at just 6.1 ounces.

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