The stationary bike is a classic recovery and rehab tool for good reason: It's low impact, it doesn't take up much space, and it allows users to dial up or down their effort levels. And now, Marvel superstar Jeremy Renner is using it to rehab his many injuries after being run over by a snowplow earlier this year.

At the start of 2023, the Hawkeye star was involved in a horrific accident involving a snowplow. According to Variety, he was using his snowplow to help his nephew uncover his snowed-in truck when he was pulled under the vehicle. He broke 30 bones and suffered serious chest trauma. He was immediately airlifted to the hospital in critical condition, where he remained for over two weeks. He had multiple surgeries on his leg, and pins were inserted.

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Now, seven weeks later, he's sharing his progress on social media, using a stationary bike to build back to his former strength. On Monday, he shared a Story of himself riding a stationary bike using one leg to pedal. He captioned it, 'Whatever it takes.'

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He was using a Technogym bike, which has a built-in display that allows users to do 'scenic rides', hop on Zwift or other virtual riding apps, or stream Netflix (and, if Renner is using it, we'd assume Disney Plus is available to stream on there!):

While Renner isn't a keen cyclist normally, he does obviously hit the gym regularly to stay fit for his many action-oriented roles. He's much more likely to be photographed on a motorcycle versus a beach cruiser. But he does occasionally get out for a ride—but typically with his young daughter, Ava, who he taught to ride back in 2018.

Who knows? Perhaps his rehab on the stationary bike will lead to some Zwifting in his future. We'd love to see it.

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