After its super fun debut last year, Grinduro Pennsylvania is back for 2023! The unique event is a mash-up that’s part-mountain bike enduro and part-gravel race with two different distances to choose from the Grindurito at thirty-seven miles or the Grinduro that clocks in at seventy miles.

Members of Bicycling’s staff ready to get muddy at Grinduro 2022
Dan Chabanov

While the getting muddy and racing part is fun, the organizers create bike and art festival surrounding the race, featuring live music, lots of food and camping in a beautiful location and this is where they say the real magic of the weekend happens.

The event is taking place from June 16-18, 2023 and registration is now open! Grinduro’s registration fee includes a tent spot on the campgrounds and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Race Day, with vegan and veggie options galore! Grinduro PA is organized by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League, and proceeds from the event go directly back to the organization.

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The schedule of the weekend's festivities is as follows (exact start times are still TBD)

  • Prologue on Friday
  • Race day on Saturday (Grindurito and Grinduro)
  • Hangover ride on Sunday
Headshot of Natascha Grief
Natascha Grief

Natascha Grief got her first bike shop job before she was old enough to drink. After a six-year stint as a mechanic, earning a couple pro-mechanic certifications and her USA Cycling Race Mechanics license, she became obsessed with framebuilding and decided she wanted to do that next.  After Albert Eistentraut literally shooed her off his doorstep, admonishing that if she pursued framebuilding she will be poor forever, she landed an apprenticeship with framebuilder Brent Steelman in her hometown of Redwood City, CA. After that, she spent several years working for both large and not-so-large cycling brands. Somewhere in there she also became a certified bike fitter. Natascha then became a certified personal trainer and spent nine years honing her skills as a trainer and coach, while also teaching Spin. During the dumpster fire that was the year 2020, she opened a fitness studio and began contributing regularly to Runner’s World and Bicycling as a freelance writer. In 2022, she joined the staff of Bicycling as News Editor.