Additional details about the NCL were released this week, namely the competition schedules of both of their new domestic teams, the Denver Disruptors and the Miami Nights. In addition to competing in the NCL series itself, the Denver Disruptors and Miami Nights cycling teams also have a full season of national racing ahead of them this year.

Denver Disruptors and Miami Nights 2023 Racing Schedule

  • Tuscon Bicycle Classic (March 3-5)
  • NCL Miami Beach (April 8)
  • Redlands Bicycle Classic (April 12-16)
  • Sunny King Criterium (May 6-7)
  • NCL Atlanta (May 14)
  • Joe Martin Stage Race (May 18-21)
  • Saint Francis Tulsa Tough June 9-11)
  • Kwik Trip Tour of America's Dairyland (June 15-25)
  • USA Cycling Road National Championships (June 22-25)
  • Bailey & Glasser LLP Twilight Criterium (July 80
  • Salt Lake Criterium (July 15-16)
  • Intelligentsia Cup (July 29)
  • Littleton Criterium (August 5)
  • Bannock Crit (August 6)
  • NCL Denver (August 13)
  • Momentum Indy (August 25-27)
  • Bommarito Audi Gateway (September 2-5)
  • NCL Washington D.C. (September 17)

The importance of racing a full schedule for the teams

“Racing a comprehensive nationwide schedule is hard, physically, and mentally, but all those race days are also essential for building the fitness and speed to win,” said Dr. Andrea Cyr, a sports medicine physician turned pro cyclist on the Miami Nights team.

miami nights cycling team
National Cycling League

Notable events in the season’s schedule are the several multi-day stage races that the teams will be competing in addition to criterium races such as the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the Joe Martin Stage Race and the Tour of America’s Dairyland. The teams will also be lining up at the 2023 USA Cycling Road National Championships.

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“Teammates develop friendships in training and during training camps, but racing forges bonds that last a lifetime,” said Sebastian Alexander, Miami Nights’ Head Coach.

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Natascha Grief

Natascha Grief got her first bike shop job before she was old enough to drink. After a six-year stint as a mechanic, earning a couple pro-mechanic certifications and her USA Cycling Race Mechanics license, she became obsessed with framebuilding and decided she wanted to do that next.  After Albert Eistentraut literally shooed her off his doorstep, admonishing that if she pursued framebuilding she will be poor forever, she landed an apprenticeship with framebuilder Brent Steelman in her hometown of Redwood City, CA. After that, she spent several years working for both large and not-so-large cycling brands. Somewhere in there she also became a certified bike fitter. Natascha then became a certified personal trainer and spent nine years honing her skills as a trainer and coach, while also teaching Spin. During the dumpster fire that was the year 2020, she opened a fitness studio and began contributing regularly to Runner’s World and Bicycling as a freelance writer. In 2022, she joined the staff of Bicycling as News Editor.