It’s no secret that electric bikes can be quite pricey, with some high-performance models going for well over $10,000. As awesome as those bikes might be, they can come with a serious price tag that not every rider is willing to pay. That being the case, there are, luckily, some more affordable electric bike options available that we love.

One of those is REI’s own bike brand Co-op Cycles’ CTY e2.1 Electric Bike. Available in small, medium, and large sizes to best suit your height, this e-bike is one of our favorites. What stood out to us about this model in particular is how affordable this bike is, given that it is outfitted with a Shimano E5000 mid-drive motor and a Shimano E8014 418Wh battery. Even with a more premium type of motor, this bike is typically on the more affordable side at $1,800. But now, it’s even more wallet-friendly, given that it’s currently marked down 20 percent, making it around $1,440 right now.

Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

Now 20% Off
$1,439 at REI

For those who have been considering buying a new e-bike, a deal this good might be just what you needed. This Co-op Cycles bike is a Class 1 reaching up to 20 mph with pedal assist. Plus, the Shimano motor has three different assist modes your rides can tap into, whether they take you uphill, onto flat terrain, or a long way from home. The motor includes a walking mode as well, for instances when you can’t or shouldn’t ride the bike.

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This e-bike is a great investment if you’re wanting to power up your commute. The pedal assist can run for up to 50 miles on a given charge, and there is a cargo rack built onto the back of the bike to help you carry whatever you might need with you—up to 60 pounds, at least. Plus, when you purchase this bike through REI, you can bring it to any REI shop for the first year (or two years, if you’re an REI member) to get unlimited adjustments, free of charge.

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